Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco

Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco is a newly revised edition of the out-of-print novel, Ivy, Tale of a Homeless Girl in San Francisco, published in 2000.

A short video on Project Ivy, an offshoot of Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco. Project Ivy will eventually direct kids to a website where they can 'talk' to Ivy and learn how to address homelessness in their community: http://www.reachandteach.com/ivyvideo

Ivy won the 2011 Literary Classics Book Award's silver seal in pre-teen fiction and the 2011 Moonbeam Book's bronze seal in the pre-teen General Fiction category.

Literary Classics Silver Seal AwardBronze Moonbeam Award

Last year, Leon and Ivy made a truth pact. They swore to tell each other the absolute truth. Leon was the only person at school who knew about the eviction and homelessness. Ivy trusted him absolutely. Unlike her other friends, she knew Leon would never judge her. His family had gone through hard times, too.


Book cover, Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco