Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle, youth novel

Maisha bent down to look inside Misty Horn’s giant egg. Like the sugary Easter eggs, it too had a little peekaboo window. Inside was a miniature picture of a marsh, a bay, and fountain-shaped spouts she recognized as whales. There were scores of whale blows in the air. There were seals, lounging on rocks. There was a bear, clutching a large fish. Maisha couldn’t tell what the creatures were made of, but it certainly did not look like sugar.
Along the inside of the egg were horizons dotted with green hills and tall trees. At first, it looked like a picture. Then, something stirred in the colors, shapes, and lines as if the picture were really alive.


Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle has been selected by the California Teachers Association for the 2015 READ ACROSS AMERICA campaign.

Selected as Richmond's first All City-All Read book.

“The Tale Behind Richmond Tales” in California Educator Magazine, February 2015 (pp. 50-51)

Local author makes it cool to read again by Spencer Whitney - Richmond Confidential, October 2, 2011

Read the news article online about Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle at the June 2011 Family Literacy Festival!

Richmond Tales Causes Outbreak of “Reading Fever” - Oakland Post Online, December 8, 2010

2013 award from the City of Richmond’s Human Rights and Human Relations Commission

2010 City of Richmond Historic Preservation Award

Proclamation of Family Literacy Day in the City of Richmond


City of Richmond Supports the Richmond Tales
Family Literacy Festival

Whereas, reading is an essential life skill, both for personal edification and practical application; and
Whereas, research shows that unless children read in the summer, they lose much of what they have learned during the previous school year; and
Whereas, the residents of the Santa Fe, Coronado, and Iron Triangle Neighborhoods are partnering with the Richmond Children’s Foundation, Richmond College Prep Schools, the West Contra Costa Unified School District, West County Reads, the East Bay Center for Performing Arts to make sure that all children in neighborhood schools are reading at grade level or higher; and
Whereas, these partners are increasing access to books for children and families in these neighborhoods; and
Whereas, reading the same book can ignite conversations about reading and literary discussions within families and families reading aloud with children at home is considered the single most important element for success at school; and
Whereas, the City of Richmond seeks to encourage reading for everyone and hopes to inspire a City-wide family book club beginning with the book Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle; and
Therefore, I Gayle McLaughlin on behalf of the Richmond City Council, proclaim Saturday, June 5, 2010 is Family Literacy Day in the City of Richmond and we encourage all children and families to attend the Richmond Tales Family Literacy Festival on this date from 11:00am – 3:00pm at 217 South 11th Street to receive a free copy of Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle and to join the city-wide family book club.

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Richmond Tales